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    DiscGolf Courses

    The courses you see here have been created using the DiscGolf mobile applications. We provide this database as a free service for anyone either visiting this webpage or using our DiscGolf applications. All courses are freely shared in the hope that players will maintain course information and share updates of their favourite courses for everyones benefit.

    How we handle courses

    We have very few restrictions in they way courses are created/updated (restrictions may be put in place later on we find this necessary). We are mostly relying on users to maintain the courses since it is of benefit for them as well as their disc buddies to keep accurate information.

    Can't find my course or information is incorrect

    You can serch for the course by country and name at the top of this page. If you still can't find it then chances are that the course you are looking for hasn't been entered into our system yet. You can create new courses yourself using the DiscGolf mobile applications (only for Android tablets and phones). Download and start the application (both Pro and Lite will work equally well). Check out the FAQ or Getting started pages in the app for if you have trouble navigating the app.

    Course maps

    As an additional benefit we can provide maps online for courses where users have mapped out the coordinates for each hole of the course (using the GPS function in the mobile application).

    New courses and other versions

    Courses are frequently updated. It might be something as little as someone setting a new GPS position of the start or end of a hole of something more major as changing par on a hole. Whatever the change is we create new courses for all changes so that people can still play their course without it being changed. When you view course details by selecting a course you may also see other versions of the same course. Newer versions of the same course are always highlighted in the list so you can find the most recent course more easily.

    Highest ranked courses

    Highest ranking courses are a good place to start looking for the course you want. We have created this webpage to promote the top ranked courses so that you won't need to see a lot of courses named "Test", "my course", etc. Ranking is based on the number of uniqe users playing a specific core. The more unique players there are, the more likely it is that the course is accurate. Use this ranking in combination with the newer versions to determine which course you should use. Higher ranking courses are always promoted instead of newer since even new courses might be incorrect. We hope/think that players will start to migrate to the Newer courses eventually and these courses will then become the higher ranking courses.